GET VACCEMA is a complete holistic solution based on the latest international guidelines and best practices that define the technological and operational methods handling the vaccination processes from vaccines supply chain management to the creation and verification of secure credentials.

GET VACCEMA aims to facilitate international travel procedures by first connecting persons to their COVID-19 test or vaccination status then helping governments effectively verify the authenticity of those tests and vaccination certificates in the most seamless technique, which could help fully restart international travel eventually.

VACCEMA provides its users with distinct features:
  • Highest level of security
  • Flexible and scalable to fit any approach
  • Easily verifiable credentials suitable for endless use cases
  • Open platform for easier integration with other systems

Main Features
  • Robust, end-to-end Vaccine Management System.
  • Smart Inventory managementm forecasting, smart distribution of vaccines across centers.
  • An intelligent assignment and automated prioritization of vaccination requests, appointments following WHO Guidelines.
  • Live data analysis, statistics and tracking of vaccination transactions.
  • Digital & Physical Health Certificate.
  • Supports online / offline verification for a wide variety of use cases.
  • Chain of trust between stockholders (Governments, Laboratories, End-users)
  • A business intelligence platform to forecast and assign adequate budgets based on live data analysis of vaccine requirements against actual stocks.


The solution is available in mutiple forms to ensure equal accessibility for all individuals while providing several key functionalities:

  • Digital Onboarding for registration
  • Mobile and web-based Platform
  • Trusted Authentication (PKI)
  • Multi-Factor authentication
  • Data validity & time stamping
  • PCR support (through registered labs)
Vaccema overview


During the live cast in ID4AFRICA event, Mr. Tamer Shafic presented the Vision and Insights on GET’s engagement with one of the major African countries helping to manage their vaccination process in addition to securely issue their proof of vaccination credentials addressing different use cases.

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