Intelligence to Maximize Security

GET Surveillance is an intelligent centralized monitoring system that controls and manages a full CCTV solution integrated with video analytics, facial recognition and intrusion detection.

With the advancement of technologies, GET has expanded its focus not only to capture and record incidences but also to study and analyze behavior.

  • Strong surveillance portfolio combining the latest technologies available in the market
  • Many years of experience in providing end-to-end surveillance solutions
  • Professional consultation to design the ultimate solution that best fits client's requirements, infrastructure, and budget.
  • Partnerships with Industry Leaders and Manufacturers
  • Dedicated Technical Support from certified professionals
AI-Driven Surveillance

GET Surveillance addresses various business requirements, from a small retail store with a few cameras to a complex command and control center securing an entire city.

Video Surveillance

The integrated system monitors premises in real-time, verifies people identities, detects anomalies in behavior, and triggers automatic commands to rapidly respond to security breaches and hazardous accidents, as well as sends automatic alerts of what is exactly occurring and where, to security officers so they can swiftly react.

Video Management
  • Enables users and administrators to store video output, set business rules and extract information and metadata
  • Empowers the user with smarter analytics and accurate recognition features based on AI and machine-learning
Video Analytics

Allows users to define and receive notifications based on business rules beforeincidences take place

  • Line Crossing
  • Intrusion
  • Unattended Baggage
  • Object Removal
Artificial Intelligence

Deep learning and analysis of new behaviors and patterns based on different incidences and occasions

  • Face Recognition
  • Smart Plate Number Capturing (ANRP/LPR)
  • People Counting
  • Heat Mapping

Allows users to define and receive notifications based on business rules before incidences take place

  • Seamless integration with existing and third-party infrastructure
  • Guaranteed interoperability, compatibility, zero downtime, and continuous operations

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