Virtually, the world's safest buttons.

The future of touchpoints is here - Touchless Displays.

As the global concern with physical contact continues to grow, any activity that involves touch will no longer be adopted, especially in shared spaces. Looking into the areas with the highest risk, elevators were most concerning. Panel buttons are heavily used and have become a noticeable health threat. GET Group took the initiative to resolve this risk by taking elevators and other visitor touchpoints to a virtual level.

Touchless Displays is a smart solution that uses holographic interface technology, introduced to build the safest elevators in the world. This intelligent control module mounts a hologram panel to operate the elevator unit, touch-free. The technology projects elevator buttons in an aerial light field display, allowing people to call the lift and activate floor selection by simply pointing a finger.

The future of buttons and screens is touchless.

Replacing touch with point.

The new normal is to go touchless, meaning it rules out any interactions that involve touching shared surfaces. The Touchless Displays module has redefined the customer experience journey with onsite services and products. This module is an opportunity for communities to replace interactive consoles with a smarter and cleaner solution.

Touchless Displays replace command buttons and interactive consoles with holographic interfaces. They are faster and safer than most of today's service touchpoints.

Touchless interfaces are the new normal.

Zero Touch
Zero Touch
Reader Precision
Hygiene Control
User Friendly
Aesthetic Design
Watch this video on how touchless elevator panels work.
Touchless points of service.

When cutting-edge holographic interface technology meets interactive screens, people can enjoy their service experiences with more ease.

  • Aerial gesture commands
  • Hygienic screens
  • User-friendly interface
Leave no button for touch.
The world's safest points of service.

Touchless Displays offer smart cities and intelligent communities the opportunity to replace service screens with holographic interface displays for safer services, at a faster and larger capacity. A leap towards the digital transformation of customer service into more attractive and intelligent light-field displays.

Transform self-service into safe-service.
Touchless Elevators

A completely touch-free elevator experience.

The holographic elevator assistance system is mounted easily, without the need for redesign. Touchless buttons are the new normal.

Elevate, safely.
Touchless ATM Machines

Meet the new ATM normal.

Safe ATM machines operated by holographic interfaces. A transformation in the way people perform bank-machine transactions.

Bank at no risk.
Touchless POS Payments

Payments and purchases made safely.

Rapid processing of bills, receipts, and other service charges at any point of sale. Touchless credit card payments are supported.

No-touch sales.
Touchless Service Kiosks

Zero-touch customer service kiosks.

Holographic displays replace self-service screens with a touchless interface for consumers to interact safely.

Inquiries, without touch.
Touchless Vending

Safe and smart self-service.

Smart vending machines offer a touchless solution for customers to process item selections.

Zero-touch requests.
Touchless Intercoms

Greet visitors safely.

Allows guests to contact individuals inside the premise by pointing at the holographic intercom interface.

Safe entrances.
Service, at the point of a finger.

Holographic assistance systems are the new smart touchpoints with a futuristic design and virtual buttons that process commands rapidly. Touchless Displays are easily mounted in place of any screen or console that requires individuals to use physical contact to make service selections or commands. Operational business sites of all sizes can transform into a completely contactless environment, quite instantly.

Touchless service points are the new normal.
Touchless Access
Next-level service.<

Welcome consumers into a high-tech and secure contactless shopping experience. Touchless Displays offers customers a worry-free service experience and safer interactions with command interfaces.

  • Touchless Elevators
  • Touchless ATM
  • Touchless Vending Machines
  • Touchless Kiosks
  • Touchless Payments

For an ultimate touchless experience, combine Touchless Displays with the Touchless Access Management module:

  • Face mask detection
  • Temperature checks
  • Automatic door openers
Touchscreens and buttons, reinvented.
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