Work with ease. Go handsfree.

GET Group introduces the ultimate touchless access management solution.

Touchless Access Management is a key module for safe city development. It offers smart cities an advanced solution to keep biosecurity risks under control and in compliance with public health regulations. Empowered by highly intelligent technology to safeguard sites, this module enables completely handsfree operations and workflows.

Touchless access points triple the assurance.

Less touch, more benefits.

Touchless access management keeps your visitors at hand.

  • Face ID Management: Assign facility manager roles to access the information needed for identity management.
  • Security Alerts: Notify key people when access has been compromised. Keep your facilities and people safe.
  • Data protection: Your access info is safe and completely in your control. At any time, you can extract all your data.
  • Access Reports: Monitor foot traffic, collect data, produce reports, and track visitor patterns to enhance the touchless access experience.
Unlock Face ID
Self-Check Temperature
Automatic Doors
Sensor Buttons
Touchless Attendance
Watch this video on how Touchless Access works.
Touchless work, seamlessly flows.

GET Group offers the latest in touchless access management solutions. A unique smart model with multi-factor authorization and highly advanced sensor-enabled devices, combined to offer you intelligent access control. We offer the full range of components or standalone options, for flexible safe city development and transformation. Each module is one step towards the new normal, packed with powerful features to offer any premise the opportunity to upscale considerably.

One, two, three smart modules:

  • Touchless Access
  • Touchless Doors
  • Touchless Opener

Touchless Access Management combines these powerful modules to build a high-tech premise that automatically welcomes visitors safely and manages their entries and exits within the facility.

Touchless technology protects people, better.
Touchless Access Module | Thermal Imaging
Access, at first sight.

Multi-factor touchless verification offers advanced access control:

  • Face ID Recognition
  • Face Mask Detection
  • Temperature Screening
  • Attendance Management
The only access control solution you'll ever need.
Touchless Access
Touchless verification, in a blink.
Touchless Access
Face Identity Authentication
Touchless Access
Face Mask Control
Touchless Access
Body Temperature Screening
Touchless Access
Unauthorized Access Alerts
Touchless Doors Module | Motion Sensor Switch
Access, with a wave.

Instant door release when motion detection buttons sense hand movement. Ideal for fast-paced challenging environments

  • Infrared Induction Sensor
  • Light Motion Response
  • Door Motor Activation
  • Seamless Design
Don't press. Just hover.
Touchless Access
Touchless Opener Module | Automatic Opener
Just walk in.

Hands occupied? No problem.

Touchless Opener is managed by motion detection sensors to automatically open and close door swings for convenient hands-free entry into spaces.

Integrates with:

  • Access control readers
  • Motion sensor buttons
Open and close doors without touch.
Touchless Access
Access points, totally touchless.
Touchless Access
Watch people move more easily than ever.

Touchless ecosystems are smart and responsive environments that assist visitors throughout the site facilities.

  • Forget badges, assign face IDs.
  • Sensor-power doors to open and close, automatically.
  • Replace elevator panels with holographic buttons.
  • Activate touch-free attendance stamps.
  • Track access reports and manage authorizations.
Designed for safety and convenience.
Smart spaces work for everyone.

Automated access into facilities without the need for physical contact, security badges, or visitor passes. The Touchless Access module offers convenience and safe movement into spaces, using smart automation.

Transform any ecosystem into a completely touchless flow.

  • Workplaces
  • Security Gates
  • Local Authorities
  • Retail Spaces
  • Community Premises
  • Medical Facilities
Touchless Access welcomes visitors, safely.
Touchless Access
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