Zero-touch is the new normal.

With rapidly changing perspectives on health security, people are less likely to interact with objects using touch. Times call for the immediate reinforcement of public safety and hygiene measures. The way people go out in public will never be the same again.

GET Group redesigned spaces to build safer workflows and allow seamless access to facility services. Touchless Environment is a smart solution leveraging emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence, to help rapidly resolve the global concern of infectious spreads through surface contact, by entirely eliminating the need for touch.

Unlocking the latest in Safe and Smart City solutions - Touchless Environment.

No Delays. Get all the benefits, right away.

GET Group's Touchless Environment solution guarantees rapid flows and more secure environments using advanced biometric readers, holographic interface technology, and extremely accurate sensor devices to allow access control into your sites. Quick deployment and immediate value results, guaranteed to instantly advance businesses services.

Rapid Activation
High Precision
Easy to Install
Timeless Design
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Smart spaces do the work for you.

Sit back and relax. Touchless Environment manages site access and identity authentication, on its own. Visitors also enjoy the convenience of easy and secure entry, without touch.

The smartest touch-free access solution, today.
Face Identity Scans
Biometrics reader with accurate facial recognition and access authorization into the premise.

Holographic Interactions

Transform elevator panels and touchscreens into 3D aerial displays and holographic consoles.

Temperature Screening

Touch-free checks for high body temperature to safeguard the premises from infectious spreads.

Face Mask Detection

Face scans ensure visitor is wearing a mask for protection and hygiene precautions.

Attendance Management

Multiple status settings to log time attendance and exit breaks of authorized personnel.

Global Health Compliance

Touchless environments meet public-health safety regulations, as well as bio-security measures.
Get one. Get all. Ready-to-install modules.

Map an entire contactless ecosystem or choose the right touchless module for you.

Touchless Environment is a dynamic modular solution. It offers standalone components for flexibility to custom map a touchless ecosystem, to the exact specifications. The modules operate smart functions with the latest technology in biometrics, holography, thermal sensors, and motion detection for advanced levels of security through multi-tier access authentication. Equip your site with the complete touchless access solution, hardware & software, or simply choose the components your facility needs.

Touch-free modules work safer flows.
Touchless Access
Touchless Access
Biometric Verification

Thermal imaging access control using an intelligent biometrics reader for visual and temperature verification.

Unparalleled levels of access control and triple the security with 3-factor authentication (3FA).

  • Face ID Recognition
  • Body Temperature Check
  • Face Mask Detection

Touchless Access also supports easy face ID management and six attendance status settings for staff members.

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Touchless Displays
Holographic Interfaces

Holographic displays replace buttons and touchscreens for touchless access to services:

  • Bank ATMs
  • Elevator Panels
  • Service Kiosks
  • Payment Devices
  • Vending Machines
  • Intercoms
  • Time Attendance Devices
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Touchless Access
Touchless Access
Touchless Doors
Motion Sensor No-Touch Buttons

LED motion detection buttons activated by a simple wave gesture to automatically open and close all types of swing doors:

  • Rooms
  • Elevators
  • Gates

Control any type of entry/exit access point.

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Touchless Opener
Automatic Door Opener

Handsfree access control into spaces by motion detection sensors that open and close doors, automatically.

Automatic doors improve hygiene and ease flow:

  • High precision sensor detection
  • Easy installation
  • Silent swing operator
  • Rapid door activation
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Touchless Opener
Leave no place for touch.

It's safe to work again.

Invite people back into a smart and safe premise with intelligent tools that manage employee activity, wellness checks, and safety measures.

  • Instant setup
  • Aesthetic design
  • Automatic entry and exit
  • Frictionless workflows
  • Configurable with control units:
    • Doors
    • Elevators
    • Security Systems
Go touchless, get peace of mind.
Touchless Opener
Access management, on the spot.

Managing service access points has never been easier. Control authorizations and site activity, remotely.

Touchless Opener
Secure your people and their privacy.

Site managers can easily assign IDs, access rights, and monitor who enters and exits the site, from a remote dashboard.

Touchless Environment secures people, data, and laws:

  • 3-Factor Authentication
  • Data Protection by Encryption
  • Access Management System
  • Public-Health Safety Compliance
Is touchless environment for you?

Each Touchless Environment module serves as a standalone solution to eliminate the risk of surface contact in most areas.

A business opportunity to advance into a completely safe space with touchless service points by transforming interactive kiosks, touchscreen interfaces, identity checks, time-attendance logs, elevators, security gates, and most entryways.

Financial Institutions
Safe City Authorities
Healthcare Facilities
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