Premises Security
GET Group, the leader in security solutions, guarantee reliable security, round-the-clock surveillance, and access control, as well as asset and personnel monitoring and control. The systems’ components were carefully designed to cover all security requirements with the most stringent industry standards.
GET Group works diligently and hand in hand with an extensive network of industry experts, thus guaranteeing software and hardware compatibility without altering on the quality.

Community ID

GET Community ID is an integrated one-token solution that secures premises, manages access and services, and enhances user experience.


Video Surveillance

GET Surveillance is an intelligent centralized monitoring system that controls and manages a full CCTV solution integrated with video analytics.


Intelligent Key and Asset Management

GET Intelligent Key and Asset Management provides law enforcement agencies as well as public and private institutions.


Access Control

The protection of people and assets is a critical concern for all organizations. GET Group combines the latest in security technologies.

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