Secure. Manage. Audit.

GET Intelligent Key and Asset Management provides law enforcement agencies as well as public and private institutions with the ability to secure, manage and audit the movement of keys, valuable equipment and weapons.

The system provides full control over access to stored assets, and incorporates multi-level security features that prevent unauthorized parties from accessing the lockers and cabinets.

Smart key locker with iFob
Key Management

Traka key systems only allow authorised users to access keys to physical assets, ensuring they remain accounted for at all times, and to avoid keys going missing, getting misplaced or getting into the wrong hands.

Locker Management

Traka lockers solutions enable to track assets via our unique RFID technology. The devices can be charged so that they are always ready to be used and securely stored to avoid theft and misuse.

Smart device cabinet with RFID
Smart weapons cabinet with RFID
Weapon Management

Traka securely houses ammunition and guns, including pistols, rifles, SMG’s and hand guns, in locked compartments that can only be accessed by authorised users. Guns are never exposed and each locker remains closed and locked.

Innovative browser-based key and equipment control software

Traka Web is a web based administration suite for centrally managing Traka Touch key and locker systems on almost any device that can run a browser, including phones, tablets and PC’s. It can support unlimited keys or assets.

Securing and managing access to keys, assets and weapons
Secure authentication to identify authorized users
Immediate notifications through SMS and e-mail
Detailed reports on asset movement and events
Detection of weapon and device status through RFID chips
Centralized management

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