Events that show up for innovation.

The most spectacular events don't happen by chance. They are designed with smart solutions.

To match the high-level requirements of our smart city network, we built EMS, a centralized event management suite available over the cloud or on-premise. A cross-platform system ideal for ticket-related event applications in sports, entertainment, government, corporate, and academic events.

Next-level event management.

The features we packed in the system deliver advanced event management, access control, sales fulfillment, and network growth. Key features include guest check-in, badge printing, visitor management, ticket verification, and lead retrieval.

EMS enables organizers to rapidly set up innovative experiences. With its modular structure, it integrates with existing programs to amplify the issuance and management process from the concept stage to data-driven optimization beyond event sellout.

A platform that deploys the most secure and frictionless ticket delivery, anti-fraud ticket printing, revenue growth, venue access control, and real-time attendance monitoring

Redefining how events are managed.
Watch how EMS helps organizers design better experiences.

Smart events only need one platform.

EMS runs a multi-application modular system that operates centralized ID-badge production, auto-gates, visitor flows, access permissions, and vendor relations. Web-based and flexible, the platform streamlines hybrid events and designs customized communication channels including event registration pages.

A fully automated solution online and onsite:

  • Integration: Simplified integration with existing systems.
  • Scalability: Supports add-ons for advanced event control.
  • Security: Anti-fraud user data encryption and intelligence.
  • Reporting: Dynamic and comprehensive data visualization.
  • Customer Experience: Control and optimize customer touchpoints.

The platform modules are designed for maintainability and measurability with ultimate control over each functionality.

Reporting and analyzing the due diligence of policies to establish compliance and verifiable means by which the integrity of individuals can be assessed.

Modularity builds comprehensive events that scale.

The EMS platform is highly scalable and can be customized to fit the needs of any size and type of event. The system is designed for flexibility to ensure the ease and success of ticket fulfillment by the automation of the lead registration, identity authentication, ticket issuance, and user management.

EMS is a smart solution that supports both standalone and hybrid event ticket management. It automatically matches tickets to respective visitor IDs for authorization.

Event Booking Platform

  • Customized Portal
  • Standalone or Hybrid Registration
  • Contact and Document Management
  • Multi-language Support

Ticket Fulfillment

  • Custom Ticket Design
  • ID and Ticket Printing
  • Digital Ticket Issuance
  • Ticket Security Features
  • Service Support

Mobile Application

  • E-Payment Integration
  • Bookings and Purchases
  • Seat Selection Map
  • Digital Ticket Management
  • Mobile Messaging

Centralized Badge-ID Printing

  • Rapid Badge Printing
  • Customizable Badge Design
  • Box-Office Outlets
  • Attendee Info Collection

Access Gate Control

  • Check-In Management
  • NFC, RFID, QR, Barcode, Biometric Readers
  • User Privacy and Security
  • Smart CCTV Integration

Real-Time Dashboard

  • Real-Time Visitor Reports
  • Access Control and Security
  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Event Data

EMS | The only platform your events will ever need.

Just show up. EMS will arrange the rest.

By choosing an end-to-end solution, events are launched on a stronger footing.

EMS enables organizers to free themselves from administrative tasks and focus more on hosting remarkable guest experiences and first impressions. This automated event software processes on-demand badge printing, attendance tracking, lead collection, user onboarding, and access to the event services.

From the point of entry, visitor interactions are managed seamlessly. Organizers can monitor engagement and event demographics directly from a centralized dashboard and reports that provide visibility into check-in time and other information.

Turn visions into experiences, effortlessly.

1. Structured Pre-Event

Turn visions into experiences, effortlessly.

At the forefront, an event booking web portal is designed with a user-friendly interface that allows for instant purchase checkouts and easy section, row, and seat selection. A self-service portal that visitors can access for registration, digital ID-card verification, and document submission.

  • Organizer Team Management
  • Event Promotion via Platform
  • Secure Visitor-ID and e-Ticket Issuance
  • Online Payment Integration
  • Ticket Booking Automation
  • Lead Registration and Subscription
  • Contact Relationship Management
Detailed event organization oversimplified.

2. Seamless In-Event

Venue Management System

Maintain ultimate ticket management and rapid check-in verification process. at automated gates. With e-payment enabled, onsite purchases can be completed easily using an integrated mobile application.

Crowd management is enabled through connected interfaces and devices that communicate in real-time cloud computing.

  • Self-service at automation badge issuance kiosks.
  • Access control at entry and exit points.
  • Digital and physical ticket verification at control gates.
  • Hand-held devices validate ID cards.
  • Scan visitor ID information and photo.
Build extraordinary moments in just a few steps.

3. Insightful Post-Event

Data Management System

Instantly create a variety of customized reports including regulatory, internal, and external reports. Design on-demand event passes, and manage user access on the spot.

With its intuitive user interface, EMS showcases key statistics and data visibility that will support your business growth.

  • Venue Occupation Rate
  • Lead Data Collection
  • Event Analytics
  • Revenue Reports
  • Visitor Profiling
  • Access Security Control
All the information you need to build loyalty.

Built for intuitive experiences.

Boost attendee experience with interactive technology that enhances check-in experiences, in-event purchases, and customer service. Event managers and organizers can easily design IDs, manage access rights, and monitor the event activity from a remotely accessible system interface.

advanced tech for interactivity and scalability.
Self-Service Ticket Kiosks

Rapid smart card issuance using our globally trusted automated kiosk printing solution.

  • User-Friendly Interfaces
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Information Touchscreens
  • Real-Time Seating Map
  • Ticket-Type Selection
  • Cashless Payments
Smart devices are key to convenience.
Safer ID Badges

Personalized anti-fraud event passes secured against duplication.

  • High-Speed Issuance
  • Chip-Enabled
  • Supports UV printing
  • Branded Design
  • High-Quality Photos
Smart cards are the key to access.
Advanced Access Security

Advanced devices connected to the event management system help control access rights and permissions.

  • ID readers at every entry point.
  • High-speed gates at ticket terminals.
  • Handheld devices to read barcodes and RFID chips.
  • CCTV with facial recognition for high-level monitoring.
  • Manage and track authorizations to critical areas.
Smart security builds safer experiences.
Real-Time Visibility

Mobile and web app dashboards designed for easy management and total event control. Gain insights into:

  • Event Overall Statistics
  • Visitor Data and Attendance Reports
  • Printed and Sold Ticket Reports
  • Sales Transaction Reports
  • Heat Map Capacity Visualization
Run the show from one smart interface.

Consider your next event ready.

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