Secured and Connected Communities

GET Community ID is an integrated one-token solution that secures premises, manages access and services, and enhances user experience. The solution is modular and consists of Access Control, Time & Attendance, e-Purse, Canteen Management and ID Issuance Modules.

Access Control
  • Integrated solution, managing access of staff, visitors and vehicles
  • High security through advanced online viewer at access gates
  • Lower operational cost
Time & Attendance
  • Dynamic policy maker supporting non-standard work-patterns & Mobile attendance
  • Elimination of attendance manipulation and fraud
  • Integration with ERP systems
  • Secure and cashless payments
  • Storage of electronic money in the electronic purse reduces risks of cash management.
  • Integration with Microsoft Retail Management System
ID Issuance
  • Allows organizations to design, customize, and produce various types of cards
  • Powerful set of graphic design tools
  • Custom fields used in filtering and search operations.
Canteen Management
  • An automated system that manages and controls subsidized food programs inside an organization in multiple locations
  • Added convenience through online ordering
  • Minimal accounting errors

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