GET Group’s Safe and Smart Cities solutions address an expanded range of security and management functions in an urban environment, pertinent to law enforcement, surveillance, access control, traffic management, asset control, and national security. GET Group’s solutions offer advanced features through a combination of hardware and software that are flawlessly integrated, scalable and customizable based on client requirements. This includes video management software, online portals for monitoring and management, advanced cameras and biometrics readers, RFID modules, encrypted electronic payment and tolling systems, license plate cameras, gates, bollards, cabinets and many other innovations that easily integrate with legacy and third-party systems.

Law Enforcement Intelligence

GET Group combines the latest state-of-the-art security-related solutions to serve law enforcement agencies with a purpose to control the growing threats around the world and improve the safety of the community.

Powered by AI and machine learning capabilities, GET Group incorporates the most advanced market-leading mobile ANPR, 360 degrees surveillance, speed detection, facial recognition and body-worn cameras all-in-one single solution design.

Premises Security

GET Group, the leader in security solutions, guarantee reliable security, round-the-clock surveillance, and access control, as well as asset and personnel monitoring and control. The systems’ components were carefully designed to cover all security requirements with the most stringent industry standards.

GET Group works diligently and hand in hand with an extensive network of industry experts, thus guaranteeing software and hardware compatibility without altering on the quality.

Intelligent Transportation Systems

GET Group’s ITS solutions are built upon leading technologies to increase the safety on highways, improve road security, reduce traffic congestion, and protect road infrastructure.

This suite of solutions sets the foundation for a fully integrated intelligent transportation system combining advanced hardware and innovative software through robust communication channels, thus establishing a platform to save lives and protect investment, energy and the environment.

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