GET Mobile ID Solution Passes UL Conformity Assessment
December 07, 2020
Massachusetts, USA
GET Mobile ID Solution Passes UL Conformity Assessment

GET Group, an innovative developer of mobile ID technology with over 20 years of experience in secure government credentials, today announced that its mobile driver’s license (mDL) and mobile ID (mID) application for iOS and Android has successfully passed a conformity assessment against ISO 18013-5 carried out by Underwriter Laboratories (UL), the global safety science leader. The conformity assessment is used to evaluate compliance with global interoperability standards that meet security, privacy, and technical requirements. With conformity in an open mDL ecosystem, those that rely on ID cards can improve and personalize services because the mobile driver’s license or ID has reached the same level of trust as a traditional bio-metric passport.

GET Mobile ID is an ISO 18013-5-compliant application that can put an official driver’s license, ID Card, or national ID on a citizen’s smartphone that can be verified contactlessly with a tap or scan and accepted worldwide. It has been developed through an international technology partnership with Scytáles AB; the two companies are working together on the product as well as towards achieving the highest conformance to emerging interoperability standards.

“Mobile ID offers the promise of convenient, more secure and contactless identity transactions. The successful conformity tests mean that we have reached a major milestone -- proof of an assurance level, interoperability, usability, and trust that is ready now for issuing authorities such as DMVs and for relying parties,” said Alex Kambanis, president and managing director, GET Group North America.

“An ISO 18013-5 compliant mobile ID (mDL/mID) provides a novel tool to digitally verify the authenticity of a citizen’s claim on identity by verifying cryptographically protected ID data,” said Geoff Slagle, president and chief business development officer, Scytáles AB. “Together with GET Group, our mobile ID offering has successfully passed extensive testing for standard conformance conducted by UL, the premier internationally known independent testing lab.”

The UL Conformity Assessment tested the functional behavior of all of the interaction modes supported by the ISO standard and all of the requirements of ISO/IEC DIS 18013-5. Supporting all interaction modes of the standard is the key to widespread adoption at point-of-sale for age-based purchases, at restaurants, and to enable contactless ID checks at airports.

“UL is proud to provide mDL assurance services, contributing to a trustable and interoperable global mDL ecosystem. We congratulate GET Group and Scytales on the successful completion of the Conformity Assessment of their iOS and Android mDL applications,” said Isabelle Noblanc, VP and GM, Identity Management & Security, UL.

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