There’s security and then there’s smart security.


There’s always room for improvement.

Humans have been tapping into premises security since their inception. The need for damage control has brought forward various methods of taking precautions and elevating the defense barriers. Nowadays, the most common forms of public protection belong to community watch guards, institution-level security guards, and city law enforcement agents. Crime rates have dropped with the advancement in technology, but is this decline enough? Knowing that cognitive security is finally here and test-proof, group leaders will no longer settle for standard security measures.


What happens when digital transformation is added to law enforcement?

We call it Smart Patrol. Our very own AI-powered security guard solution. Based on our customer base, implementing cognitive software into the devices of security guards, both gov and non-gov, results in zero security threats.

Smart Patrol is impressively scalable and smart, designed to fit e-law enforcement fleets of various sizes. The solution incorporates top-of-the-line surveillance devices and a highly advanced crime prevention system. Some of the top features you can look forward to are the worldwide renowned Automatic Plate Number Recognition cameras, 360-degree surround view, facial recognition, speed detection, and artificial intelligence software.

We’ve partnered with globally leading surveillance vendors in mobile video technology solutions for law enforcement, to add top-of-the-line camera systems and mobile video to our Smart Patrol. These devices include body-worn cameras, in-vehicle surveillance, and evidence management platforms. Smart Patrol has proven to serve ultimate results for our partners, accentuating our prominent position as leading providers of smart law enforcement solutions, in the MEA region.


AI is the new security. Prevention is its top priority.

Our understanding of environmental protection is forever transformed. The new age world, thanks to Industry 4.0, may actually become crime-free.

With artificial intelligence leading the technology scene, the internet of things is shifting towards building more connected devices with cognitive abilities. The obvious reasons being that these machine learning algorithms have high data feeding capacities and can consolidate behavioral patterns to execute predictive measures. They enable monitoring and protection at fast and error-free rates.

Smart Patrol provides the highest levels of security management and accurate detection of danger, all set up in a reasonably brief time frame.

The time is now to beat the odds of premises safety. Choose intelligent safety systems to reinforce your security teams, save on resources, and collect rich data to gain better insights about your community. Smart Patrol is a cornerstone to building a safe and smart city.


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