Building a smarter community? Make sure these 10 things are on your list.


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We’re aside the top players building smart & safe cities of the future, today. As we continue to partner with leaders aiming to upscale the living environment of their community, we show up with our success toolkit. That’s no small kit. But, we’re up for the task and it’s working wonders for the public. So, we decided to share our top list of smart innovative solutions that are an absolute must-have in any smart community.

We work with people who lead people – community leaders, government officials, work-space managers, community leaders, workforce supervisors, and group heads. They understand that individuals have already beaten the industry 4.0 revolution by taking their activity online and running their lives through the palm of their hands. They have all the resources they need to do so. All that remains is being present for them and a smart city vision.

Cities and communities that are not digitally transformed yet, suffer economic setbacks. People don’t engage with or invest in outdated processes, anymore. Even if it costs them relocating to better living conditions that smart cities offer.

If your leadership is mostly onsite and haven’t taken your public services completely online, you may find this checklist helpful to guide your steps towards building an agile and connected community.


1. 5G – Make a world of a difference.

Time to adopt global strategies for digital transformation. No form of digitization is complete without advanced connectivity. The smartest way to connect communities today is via using the trending high-speed internet, known as 5G technology. Making it available to your smart city resolves processing issues, enhances digital communication, builds smarter networks, improves digital activities, and boosts digital economy returns.

2. AI-powered Digital Transformation – Follow the crowd, to the digital cloud.

Digital transformation takes both public and private sectors online. Unless you’re serving yourself, that’s where everyone is now. People are getting smarter with their choices and interactions, thanks to borderless access to digital resources. Make sure your digital solution combines artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA). These robotic tools are what you need to run repetitive tasks, manage request funnels, accelerate outreach growth, manage teams, provide all-day customer support, and collect accurate big data to make smarter decisions.


3. (IPA) Intelligent Process Automation – Smart people sleep. Smart cities don’t.

A powerful intelligent business process management (iBPM) platform. What happens with the data after your AI-powered robots complete each robotic process automation (RPA) task? Well, other robotic software takes over. These robots serve to create, discover, archive and manage structured and unstructured content. This allows users to access digital documents and data, to optimize your digital transformation strategy.


4. AI Service Bots – Engage with your community, 24/7.

AI-driven digital transformation means cities have to be present around the clock, with frictionless response rates, and accurate execution at all times. Whether your team can do it or not, the fact is that chatbot agents definitely can. Make AI-powered service bot integration part of your smart government digital transformation plan and you’ll never miss a request, or even fail one.

5. Heidi advanced ID cards – Identify who belongs.

Personal or professional, identity cards with advanced printing technology, help identify and manage members of smart premises, to keep it safe from intruders. Heidi printers are our very own innovative solution for high definition card printing. This printer allows smart cities and communities to produce high-quality ID cards, on-demand.

6. Smart Patrol – Protect your community.

Secure your grounds. Even if you take your smart -government public services online, there’s a lot to be secured in 3D. Reinforce city security guards and law enforcement agents with artificial intelligence systems and advanced security smart devices. Turn your smart city into a safe one with 360-degree mobile video solutions, facial recognition, speed detection, and cognitive predictive crime detection software.

7. Queue Management System – Solve requests.

Public sectors offer nationwide services and can often experience bottlenecks due to request overload. With advanced tech solutions such as our QMS, not only can your smart cities manage bulk requests, but also enrich the customer’s experience at key touchpoint and service points.

8. Happiness Meter – Monitor how well you’re doing.

This solution is hard to come across and some might often argue that it is not a fundamental module to smart city development. But it’s not even questionable on our end. We believe, “Smart cities are happy cities.” Our smart -government customers plan to keep up with the internet of things to match public digital progress, if not lead it. Happiness Meter is our secret satisfaction solution and a key indicator of digital integration success. It keeps officials in the know.

9. Community ID – See the city with caring eyes.

No city is smart if it is not safe. At the heart of caring for a community is keeping a watchful eye on its members. Our Community ID solution is a must-have on your checklist. It integrates the full range of surveillance equipment and AI-powered access control systems to secure and control who and what enters the premises.

10. Event Management System – Don’t miss this event.

An intelligent solution to run the entire lifecycle of each city event via a smart digital platform. This smart solution solves it all, from request orders, ticket sales, event support management, event data collection, and even ticket returns.

No matter the size of the event, getting workflow tasks out of the way gives space for what matters most – community networking.

As we keep our partnerships strong and close with some of the top digitized cities around the world, we’re committed to serving more AI-enabled digital transformation solutions to communities with a vision to evolve.

The checklist names a few of the smart solutions we offer at GET Group, to facilitate your request for our digital AI solutions. Whether you’re managing people groups or a whole country, we have the smart solutions your city needs to upscale and even earn global recognition for joining the world’s smartest cities.

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