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There’s security and then there’s smart security.

There’s always room for improvement. Humans have been tapping into premises security since their inception. The need for damage control has brought forward various methods of taking precautions and elevating the defense barriers. Nowadays, the most common forms of public protection belong to community watch…

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Building a smarter community?

Communities, re-imagined no more. We’re aside the top players building smart & safe cities of the future, today. As we continue to partner with leaders aiming to upscale the living environment of their community, we show up with our success toolkit. That’s no small kit.…

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How automation can save your business in times of crisis.

Global impact: Industries shut down by the COVID-19 pandemic. Most weren’t prepared for this. Only a few were. This isn’t another article on the coronavirus, rather, the new reality that is currently undergoing the rigors of birth. As most of the world grapples with the…

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