GET Group’s ePass is a fully integrated system consisting of separate modules working collectively to enhance border security and process ID and travel documents with great efficiency.

System Features
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Multi-tier architecture supports Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) and an independent Operating System (OS) platform.
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Multiple levels of security are available for use with the system, utilizing passwords, smart cards, fingerprint verification, or a combination of all three.
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Offers a user friendly graphical interface, easily used by inexperienced operators.
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The system offers immediate visible feedback on the status or results of an operation.
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Prevents redundant data entry.
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Logs all actions at Borders Entry/Exit Points, with enhanced search capabilities.
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Multiple reading functionalities of (ePassport, eVisa, MRP, MRV, eId, eDL, etc.)
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Supports control/stop list matching
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Biometric verification (fingerprints, iris, facial) of MRTDs
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Multi-level system user privileges
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Expedited passenger clearance at border points
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Provide powerful report generator for decision support purposes
Travel Document Reader

GET Group’s eBorder Control is designed to support a wide range of MRTD readers through fully integrated workflow process complying with ICAO standards.

ePass Travel Document Reader
Main Components
The Central Database Management System:
  • Control/stop list database
  • User’s actions database
  • Entry/exit card database
  • Visa database
  • Passport database
  • Revenue collection database
The Communication Server:
  • Frequent data synchronization between the main server and local servers at border points
  • Automatic data transmission and encryption
Terminal Management System:
  • Passport verification
  • Control list checking
  • Entry/exit card data
  • Additional information data entry
  • Report Generator
  • Supports multiple biometric identification standards (fingerprint, iris, facial recognition)
  • eGates management for secured and reliable fully automated traveller screening check points
ePass Border Security

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