Based on the revolutionary Toppan ePassport printer, GET Group’s SDIS addresses all needs of passport issuing authorities for a complete, secure and integrated passport and ePassport solution.

GET Group is proud to continue its tradition of offering state-of-the-art digital passport solutions, with the introduction of its new SDIS. This system is based on the revolutionary Toppan ePassport printer, exclusively distributed by GET Group, and addresses all needs of passport issuing authorities for a complete, secure and integrated ePassport solution incorporating PKI capabilities based on BAC, and EAC functionalities. Its modular design allows for customization for all applications, and for easy expansion as the customer’s requirements change.

Solution Components
  • The Inlays and Chips: GET Group works with various international chip and inlay suppliers to offer the best and most efficient inlay and IC chip solutions tailor-made to the customer’s requirements.
  • The ePassport Blank Book: GET Group works with various international security printing presses to produce and distribute high-end ePassport booklets throughout the world.
  • Software: GET Group’s SDIS includes, but is not limited to, the following software components:
    • ICAO Compliant Logical Data Structure Toolkit (recent version)
    • ICAO Compliant Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) module (recent version)
    • Read/write mechanism including compliance with ICAO BAC/EAC standards
    Secure Document Issuance System
  • Hardware: Customers will benefit from GET Group’s long-standing system and hardware integration experience.
  • The SDIS Hardware Includes:
    • ICAO/ISO compliant contactless IC readers/writers (ISO 14443 type A/B chips)
    • All hardware necessary to implement the ePassport PKI infrastructure as per ICAO standards
    • ePassport books and/or IC inlays
    • Toppan ePassport personalization printer (eP600)
Online Chip Encoding

Takes advantage of GET Group’s unique and exclusive one-step ePassport issuing solution, which encodes eMRTDs during personalization (combined data page personalization and IC chip encoding).

System Features
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GET Group’s SDIS is fully compliant with the relevant recommendations and standards issued by ICAO and ISO for ePassports.
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GET Group’s SDIS is designed to be completely compatible with all passport booklet manufacturers’ existing production equipment and compatible with both type A and B contactless chips.
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GET Group has over 15 years’ experience in passport solutions, providing all aspects of systems, including personalization and biometric hardware, passport and chip issuing and management software, integration, consumables, know-how, and system design. Solutions are tailor-made to meet the passport authority’s requirements, while ensuring international interoperability as contemplated by ICAO and ISO.
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With the current trend in increasing biometric usage, GET Group’s SDIS includes full biometric functionality for all three biometric elements: fingerprint, facial image, and iris.
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Automation and Efficiency
With its exclusive one-step and user-friendly ePassport personalization process, GET Group allows full automation of the passport personalization process, including automatic book feeding, book number capture, encoding and personalization, guaranteeing optimum production cycle and maximum efficiencies.
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GET Group has an extensive network of international offices and affiliates and its technology has been used to produce over 120 million digital passports. First line and second line support plans are available for all our customers.
Secure Document Issuance System

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