Enable Faster Transactions by Accepting New Mobile IDs, Compliant with the Latest Identity Data Interoperability Standards

As identification increasingly goes digital, be prepared to quickly accept new Mobile IDs from anywhere in the world as legal forms of age-verification or identity. Speed up your identity verification processes and make it easier and more secure than ever for customers to buy from you.

Coming soon! Download the GET Mobile Verify App for iOS and Android - Connect your Point of Sale to our ID Checking Service, or redefine your customer workflows for maximum efficiency.

ISO 18013-5- Compliant Verification of Mobile ID

ISO 18013-5 is the new standard for obtaining and trusting identity data from mobile identity applications. It lets you quickly and easily verify that a mobile ID and the associated identity data came directly from a known issuer (i.e. a government entity) and has not been tampered with – just like the security features on physical ID cards used to do. Using standardized NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Aware, or web protocols, with GET Mobile Verify you can accept a mobile identity from your customers in any manner that fits the flow of your business.

Beyond Visual… Cryptographic Proof of ID

Contrary to misconceptions, accepting mobile IDs doesn’t mean looking at your customers phone screen or handling their phone at all. Photo manipulation tools render visual usage untrustworthy, and you should never take on the liability of handling your customer’s phone.

ISO 18013-5 transmission mechanisms allow for flexible interaction modes that keep your customer in control of their device and data while providing you indisputable cryptographic proof of your customer’s identity – even without data overload.

When you exchange electronic data and validate cryptographic proof, you no longer are bound by the “line of sight” requirements of physical ID cards.

Interaction Modes

In a single tap onto an existing Point of Sale payment terminal, identity, payment, and loyalty information can be transferred together. This reduces the time customers spend fumbling for different cards, improving their satisfaction and saving you time at checkout.


As patrons sit down in your restaurant, they check-in at their leisure to a Bluetooth beacon, unlocking the drink menu on your electronic ordering system. People already understand this concept - that checking-in to a cool new location using social services can alert their closest friends of where to find them. Then your staff can give customers a more personalized greeting by already knowing their first name once they’ve checked in, and it takes the awkward guesswork out of identifying whether patrons are of legal age.


Why not add a Fast Lane into your club when customers are willing to provide you electronic proof of ID with a single tap? Patrons tap their Mobile ID on the entry post to your new Fast Lane and by the time they walk to the door, your staff can match their face to a screen of age-approved attendees – 18, 21, or any age you specify for the event that night. Customers feel like they’ve gotten the VIP treatment, and your liability is reduced.

Transmission Mechanisms
  • NFC data transfer happens with a tap of a phone like with electronic payment systems.
  • QR code scanning is now commonplace for initiating transactions nearby
  • Bluetooth Low Energy data transmission has a range of about 10 meters
  • Wi-Fi Aware uses the range of Wi-Fi
  • Web protocols like Open ID Connect permit fully remote usage of ID
Key Features
Available for iOS and Android

GET Mobile Verify supports NFC, BLE, Wi-Fi Aware, and WebAPI on both iOS and Android platforms. Available as an engine for Windows and POS devices.

Reduce the Complexity of Inspecting Global ID Documents

Keeping up with the ins-and-outs of ever-changing ID documents is hard. How can you know what’s real or what’s just a very good Fake ID? Mobile IDs present their proof of ID electronically and in the same manner every time – big, bold, showing proof of age or ID. There’s no laborious staff training and fewer mistakes when proof looks the same every time.

Obtain Cryptographic Proof of ID

Simply looking at ID documents, especially on mobile devices, does not screen out fake IDs. GET Mobile Verify only accepts documents from known government ID issuers, reducing your liability and exposure.

Respect your Customers’ Confidentiality

Reducing the data exchanged during ID card transactions enhances privacy for your customers and alleviates their privacy and safety concerns, while reducing your exposure and liability of collecting and storing personal data.

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