The eP600 ePassport thermal retransfer passport systems exclusively available from GET Group incorporates high-resolution printing of 600dpi using solid pigment ink ribbon technology, innovative retransfer printing and multi-layer security features.

The eP600 Passport System personalizes an ePassport with the performance and durability that governments require in a fast and easy-to-deploy solution.

As threat levels escalate and authentication of ePassports becomes even more critical, governments trust GET Group solutions to produce the highest quality, secure and reliable documents.

eP600 empowers its users with:
  • Fast, one-step ePassport personalization
  • High-resolution 600dpi color retransfer printing
  • Multi-layer data page security features
  • Robust modular design for low to high-volume production
  • Secure access and easy-to-use interface
eP600 ePassport Personalization Printer
eP600 ePassport Personalization Printer
Main Features
ePassport Security Features
  • Modular design allows for easy adaptability for all various applications
  • Custom high security registered holographic overlay created by patented Crystagram electron beam imagery, fixed or variable UV text/image printing, and easy-load consumable cartridges
  • Indirect pigment ink printing technology and the latest developments in secure printing for passports in a step operation
  • Easily accommodates 24, 32, 48 or 64 page passports and visa labels, and available feeding units
  • Suitable for low and high volume passport production, and centralized or decentralized passport issuance
  • Produces/encodes ICAO compliant passports including for the new ePassport standards
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Extraordinary 600 dpi with enhanced color stability feature
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Print Speed
A complete ePassport in one-step in less than 40 seconds (excluding data transmission time)
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Passport Supply
Manual or up to 3 lockable automatic book feeders (capacity up to 100 passports per unit) with removable book feed cartridges
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Passport Exit
Automatic book ejection of completed passport into ejection stacking box
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Built-in CCD Camera Unit
To read pre-printed passport number for interface with application software
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Printer Display
Color LCD graphical touch panel with enhanced printer interface allows for easier diagnostics and additional language support
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Consumables Loading
Removable cartridges on unidirectional spindles allow for easy replacement
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Consumables Stamp
Prints a record on the film carrier of the Crystagram after each passport for evidence retention and inventory control
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Reject Stacker
For stacking rejected books due to encoding failure
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Modular design allows for faster repair times
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Environmental Control of Print Quality
External sensors to properly calibrate the print head temperature based on external environmental conditions
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USB and Ethernet
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Printer and options are RoHS, FCC and CE compliant. Produces and encodes ICAO compliant passports and ePassports
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2,000 hours
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Built-in RFID Chip
Encoding/Verification Module for online ePassport personalization
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