The eP600Plus is a consolidated and modular ePassport printing and personalization solution incorporating two security document printing technologies. The solution is designed to provide governments and passport issuing authorities around the world with highly secure and durable travel documents.

The solution, which consists of two integrated printers operating simultaneously in one robust mechanism, prints and personalizes ePassports in one fast step, offering multiple security features in the printed passport and optional printing on the third page of the booklet whenever required.

eP600Plus empowers its users with:
  • An all-in-one modular solution comprising two innovative personalization technologies; reverse retransfer and inkjet
  • A combination of features providing wide printing capabilities, convenience and tamper-evident ePassports
  • Optional printing on the third page of the passport booklet
  • Fast, one-step ePassport personalization through a unified, secure and fully-automated process
  • Unrivaled high-resolution printing of 600dpi using the unique solid pigment ink
  • Multi-layer protection of the personalized ePassports using sophisticated security printing features
eP600Plus ePassport Personalization Printer
Main Features
ePassport Security Features
  • Fast, one-step passport personalization
  • High-quality printing on an ultra-thin security overlay film with 600dpi resolution using solid pigment ink and the reverse retransfer technology
  • Optional printing on the third page of the booklet according to the issuing authority’s requirements
  • Multi-layer security features that include EDE Crystagram, RFID encoding, Micro-text and UV personalization
  • A robust modular design that can be tailored to the customers’ needs
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Printing Method
Reverse retransfer
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Printing Speed
40 seconds
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Passport Types
Machine Readable Passport (MRP), Electronic Passport (ePassport)
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RFID Chip Encoding/Verification Module
For online ePassport personalization
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Built-in Camera
Automated OCR of document number verification prior to personalization
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Inkjet Unit
A six-color inkjet printer allowing printing on the third page of the booklet
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User Interface
Color LCD touch panel with a new system interface allows for easier diagnostics and additional language support
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Solid pigment ink ribbon, EDE Crystagram film, removable cartridges on non-directional spindles allow for easy reload of ribbon and film rolls
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Reject Tray
Automatically separates rejected books due to chip failure and booklet that do not meet quality standards
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Communication Interface
USB and Ethernet
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RoHS, FCE and CE compliant
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