eNational ID

GET Group’s eNational ID merges the latest identification technologies and field skills along with smart card and biometric technologies within an integrated National ID platform.

GET Group’s eNational ID provides government authorities with the ability to register citizen's data and retrieve it rapidly and effortlessly. Information is dynamically updated, providing authorities with the most current data concerning its citizens.

System Features
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Automatic work-load distribution
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Flexible modular system adaptable to any government requirements
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Multi-level security
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System monitoring and reporting
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Stock control system
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Scalability and cost efficiency
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Multiple ID card support
ICAO Compliant

The GET Group eNational ID complies fully with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Document 9303 Volume 3 for the ID-2 Machine Readable Travel Document (eMRTD). The card complies with all aspects of this document in terms of size, visible data, machine readability, chips and biometric compliance.

Fully Automated

The system eliminates time-consuming manual documentation and burdensome archiving, resulting in increased efficiencies and productivity. It also securely connects and integrates between different departments or organizations, and private as well as public entities concerned with citizen matters, thereby eliminating redundancies and expediting data sharing.

Solution Components
  • Security: GET Group’s eNational ID integrates new levels of ID security conforming to international standards, and offers optimal protection against forgery and fraudulent data, with technologies that incorporate biometric functions, digital signature, data encryption, PKI and other advanced data and systems integrity techniques.
  • Biometric and Media Interoperability: GET Group’s eNational ID is a reliable, fast, secure and non-intrusive solution. It supports digital fingerprints, facial and iris scans along with full biometric features which can be stored on different types of contact or contact-less smart cards, in addition to magnetic strip as well as barcode technologies.
  • Personalization: GET Group provides a wide variety of state-of-the-art card printers especially designed for national ID and other high security card projects. Our printers provide unparalleled color fidelity, durability and resolution as well as the ability to print on various card materials (Polycarbonate, PVC, PET, etc.), and online encoding options (contact, contact less and magnetic strip) among other features.

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