Vi1200 Visa Personalization
Visa Personalization

GET Group’s Vi1200 is a visa and secure document personalization solution developed to enable authorities to produce ICAO-compliant Format-A and Format-B Machine-Readable Visas (MRVs) in addition to a wide range of official documents, such as birth, death and marriage certificates. Vi1200 operates at an advanced level of automation that is of extreme importance to the overall process of document personalization and security, through automatic feeding, automatic visa number recognition, automatic adjustment of document, and detection of margins.

Based on the innovative inkjet printing technology from HP, Vi1200 prints on a variety of document sizes and types, including visa-sized sheets, A4 and A5. Vi1200 leverages GET Group's long experience in the issuance of high-quality credentials, enabling consulates, embassies, immigration offices and visa application centers around the world to produce government documents in a manner that ensures document security, personalization consistency and printing quality.

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