Addresses Workforce Challenges

GET Time & Attendance is a robust system that registers employees’ attendance in real-time through a wide range of biometric, smart card and pin based terminals. Its seamless integration with ERP, Payroll and other third-party systems facilitates various HR and administrative functions.

The system can also cater to employees working on non-standard or flexible shifts through its Advanced Plans & Shifts Management component. Moreover, seamless mobile support enables off-site employees to punch in/out from remote locations.

Highly Adaptable to any Business Requirement
Dynamic Policy Maker
  • Flexibility to build and define shifts and schedules
  • Supports creating an unlimited number of shifts plans and schedules for different locations and departments
  • Handles other elements such as overtime, grace periods and breaks
Wide Options of Data Collection
  • Supports all types of registration such as proximity cards, biometric devices, handheld devices, or mobile devices
  • Registration of employees’ attendance at remote sites through handheld readers
  • Manipulation detection to retrieve the actual date, time and location stamp
Integration with 3rd party systems
  • Automatic export of attendance data to the existing system thus minimizing administrative work and eliminating payroll overpayment
  • A rich and an easy to use and customized tool for reports generation
  • Integrates with a wide variety of hardware from leading manufacturers to provide end-to-end solutions
Comprehensive Dynamic Reporting Tool

Provides a wide variety of statistical and analytic pre-defined set of reports; moreover it supports exception-based reporting, where it generates automatic reports when unexpected absence or unauthorized lateness occurs, to immediately notify HR administrators.

Attendance Reports
  • Daily Attendance
  • Weekly Attendance
  • Monthly Attendance
  • Attendance Days
Absence Reports
  • Consecutive Absentees Report
  • Absence Report
Vacation Reports
  • Vacation Report
  • Vacation Plan Report
  • Vacation Balance Report
  • Sick Vacation Report
  • Overtime Report
Other Reports
  • Monthly Excuse Report
  • Business Mission Report
  • Transaction Report
  • Time Spent out Report
  • Late Arrival Report
  • Early Departure Report
  • Non-Regular without a reason
  • Non-Regular with a reason

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