Queue Management System

Where customers go, smart queues flow.

Queue Management System (QMS) enriches customer experiences at key touch-points and service branches. This turnkey smart queueing solution empowers enterprises with the complete set of service-centric tools to effectively measure, manage, and organize customer queues and streamline customer flows within linear and virtual queuing models.

Why consider a queue management solution ?
  • Reduced Wait Time: Automate and digitize service queues for smoother and safer flows.
  • VIP Prioritization: Identify and verify high-priority customers for premium services.
  • Performance Optimization: Enhance efficiency and performance with intelligent skill-based routing.
  • Higher Satisfaction Rates: Enhance customer experiences and retention with frictionless service.
  • Revenue Increase: Omnichannel marketing with displays, kiosks, mobile apps, and tokens.
  • Actionable Insights: Optimize performance and productivity with rich data reports.

An automated queueing solution that is rapidly deployed to immediately reduce customer wait time, accelerate service delivery, increase customer satisfaction, and improve retention rates. Queue Management System components are all customizable with the capacity to scale using a wide scope of further powerful features.

The wait is over. Smart queues are here.

Fully Customizable
Real-Time Insights
Centralized Control
Multiple Integrations
Recorded Feedback

Automatic Queueing

Back-office intelligence. Front-line diligence.

The intelligent components of our Queue Management System manage back-end systems and frontline services seamlessly. They organize queues, collect customer information, and track business performance effortlessly.

The platform is designed for maintainability and measurability with total control over each functionality. It verifies customer identities using the mobile application, account numbers, or ID cards. Customers are issued a personalized token with estimated waiting time and information displays that guide them throughout the entire service flow.

Smart queuing systems run seamless flows.

System Management

Robust access control and system management that operates as the configurational backbone to provide admins with a rich bundle of management tools to manage user roles, privileges, branch services, team tasks, and performance.

Key features and benefits
  • Full control over service flow and queue status
  • Rich information on active customers
  • Real-time performance information
  • Priority segmentation for VIP customers

Third-Party Integration

Integration capabilities with existing hardware and software legacy systems and outsourced platforms used by clients. It secures seamless integration, interoperability, and uninterrupted workflows upon implementation.

Key features and benefits
  • CRM integration
  • LDAP integration
  • Billing systems

Online Appointments

Available as a web and mobile application to enable agents and customers to allocate and set service appointments. Through the mobile application, customers can book their appointments for the desired services in their preferred branch.

Key features and benefits
  • Booking and data security
  • Automated notifications
  • Business branch selection
  • Queue service listing
  • Digital token issuance

Alerts and Notifications

A key module for service managers to be able to schedule alerts and send automated notifications to corresponding customer segments in the form of emails or SMS messages.

Key features and benefits
  • Instant incident alerts
  • Automated notifications
  • Hardware downtime alerts
  • Queue congestion alerts

Branch Centralization

The branch manager module facilitates multi-branch services. It manages combined counter activity, front office personnel, dispensers, branch tasks, and users in alignment with the branch capacity and service availability.

Key features and benefits
  • Access to transactional history
  • Efficient role management
  • Live monitoring software and hardware

Digital Signage

A centralized content management system that enables branch managers to organize, supervise, and manage content displayed on screens. Elements displayed can include ads, announcements, queue status updates, and waiting time information.

Key features and benefits
  • Media content management
  • Editable templates
  • Advertisements and promotions
  • News and announcements
  • Multimedia content supported

Dynamic Data Reporting and Insights

Real-time workflow visualization from a customized dashboard with complete flexibility to configure reports and data screens. Generate comprehensive data reports using a wide range of existing templates connected to the built-in database for insights on services, visitor transactions, and front-office personnel performance.

Monitor and view service flow activity straight from an active web-based dashboard and gain access to a comprehensive set of default performance reports from the built-in database for optimized decision-making.

Key features and benefits
  • Agent performance data
  • Queue status in real-time
  • Custom statistical report queries
  • Scheduled analytical report emails
  • Tailored template designs

With accurate analysis using data reporting and forecasting, businesses are better equipped to prepare for seasonal peaks. Get access to valuable insights, identify verified individuals, and fulfill the due diligence of policies to ensure compliance.

No wait, automate.

Opting for more accurate customer feedback ?

Check out our innovative KYC solutions.

Customer Feedback

An interactive interface that collects customer feedback on a display terminal or mobile app in the form of a branded survey interface integrated as part of the advertising module. Scalable by easy integration with third-party systems.

Key features and benefits
  • User-friendly interface
  • Multilingual options
  • Mobile ratings and reviews
  • Custom surveys and questionnaires

Happiness Meter

An immersive solution that is available in two sleek design options, kiosk or name board, automated to measure service satisfaction in real-time by detecting micro-vibrations and facial expressions. Instant photo printing and happiness scores can be shared by mail or on social media.

Key features and benefits
  • Instant facial expression analysis
  • No questionnaires required
  • Up-to-date customer information
  • Detailed measurement reports

Standalone or integrated with third-party systems, these specialized KYC solutions support sharper decision-making and detect business areas for improvement or radical change. Employee engagement is increased and churn rates are minimized. Customer Feedback terminals and Happiness Meter kiosks can be easily set up and strategically stationed for maximized visitor interaction.

Satisfaction measured is happiness guaranteed.

Digital Customer Experiences

Contactless service fulfillment with Mobile QMS.

We offer a digital customer service experience through the virtual token dispenser version of the Queue Management System that enables mobile queueing services where customers can issue service tokens from the mobile application and receive notifications when their token number is due for service.

Digital customer experiences are empowering businesses with the opportunity of direct customer outreach through diversified mobile communication channels and enhancing service quality by way of a contactless mobile queue management application.

Mobile-based queue management serves quicker and safer flows.
Banner Ads
Digital Token Issuance
Mobile Notifications
In-App Feedback

Key features of the mobile QMS

  • Single Sign-On Authentication
  • VIP Segmentation
  • Digital Token Management
  • Direct SMS Messaging
  • Automated Alert Notifications
  • Promotional Banners
  • In-App Feedback

Mobile Queue Management System uses advanced data encryption technology and powerful features such as single sign-on (SSO) login, digitized token issuance, in-app advertising, appointment scheduling, alert notifications, and SMS messaging. The digital queueing experience is automated within the mobile application to guide verified customers to the right service counters and collect feedback, straight from their smartphones.

Faster service queues. Can't wait.

An app-based queue management solution to issue digital service tokens within linear and virtual queuing models. Visitors can also save time by requesting a queue token from the nearest branch, before arrival, straight from the mobile application.

Turn expectations into experiences with every token.

Immersive Customer Journeys

Smart products designed to serve satisfaction.

Self-Service Token Dispensers

Dynamic token dispensers designed to guide customers using easy-to-use, multilingual, and interactive touchscreens. They display the range of services offered at the branch for the customers to select from.

  • User-friendly interfaces
  • Multi-language options
  • Customer ID verification
  • VIP segmentation
  • Personalized token issuance
  • Efficient service distribution
  • Rapid QR code scanning

Digital Signage Displays

Queue counter checks and cross-selling opportunities through display screens that support all kinds of media content formats such as regional TV, videos, animations, slide shows, announcements, and advertisements.

  • Display HTML webpages and RSS feed
  • Customizable templates
  • Central media download (WAN or LAN)
  • Centralized playlists and timer settings
  • Segment display groups
  • Currency FX rate integration

Interactive Terminals

Agent Calling Unit

A number pad and screen unit for service agents to control and manage queue flows and counter displays.

  • Random or sequential calling
  • Multi-function counter controls
  • Keyboard number pad

Customer Feedback Devices

The Customer Feedback application collects input through surveys and questionnaires available for multiple interface options such as kiosks, tablets, web, or mobile.

  • Interactive touchscreens
  • Custom branding options
  • Pre-existing template designs
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • Data visualization reports

Happiness Meter Terminals

Happiness levels are measured under various experiences. Gesture and expression recordings eliminate inaccurate feedback measurement as seen with surveys.

  • Real-time recording of physical expressions
  • Rapid processing of happiness levels
  • Seamless agent name board design
  • Immersive kiosk meter design
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