Advanced Multi-Channel Prepaid Platform

GET Prepaid eliminates the use of cash and cheques. It is an open, modular, and scalable system that uses internationally proven and certified cryptography algorithms and protects customers from fraudulent activities.

GET Prepaid supports open loop programs which can target banked customers through the integration with international payment networks like VISA and Mastercard in addition to supporting closed loop programs that can target unbanked customers.

Modular, Secure and Scalable
Payment Manager
  • Provides flexible reloading options through multiple channels and payment media
  • Comprehensive audit logs for history tracking
  • Management of limits per channel, per merchant, and per payment media
System & Reporting Manager
  • A rich and an easy to use and customized tool for reports generation
  • Reports covering all the system areas, including informative, financial, statistical, analytical, performance and audit reports.
Logistics Manager
  • Smooth and flexible supply chain management of physical payment media
  • A dynamic approval sequence governs the physical stocks’ movement from a warehouse to another with real time synchronization of quantity and balance
Integration Manager
  • Seamless integration capabilities and interoperability with 3rd party systems using standard integration methods
  • Integration with financial systems, physical access control solutions and international payment gateways
Customer-Tailored and Adaptable

GET Prepaid allows businesses to provide their customers with a real time and secure payment solution by utilizing multiple payment media like smart cards, one time cards, smart phones, and biometrics.

GET Prepaid is a modular and customizable solution that responds to the business needs of vertical markets like transportation, travel, prepaid fuel, prepaid energy, health, and closed communities. Customers can implement one or multiple programs blended together by simply implementing related business rules for each.

  • Increased convenience and security for travelers by elimination of cash
  • Lower travelers’ expenses as they save the cost of exchange rates
  • Expanded customer base by attracting new visitors and tourists
  • Integration with POS systems for payments and applying discount rates
  • Integration with access control solution at designated touristic premises
  • Increased convenience and Unified and Integrated solution for the public transportation services (Metro, bus, taxi, trains, shuttles, toll Stations, and parking)
  • Increased profitability with a fully parameterized fare management system
  • Flexible back office to cater for structured business rules
  • Operational and marketing insights through analytical and statistical reports
  • Integration with physical access control solutions and ticketing systems
Prepaid fuel
  • Early revenue collection for fuel companies
  • Reduction of fraud
  • Better fleet management and control
  • Integration with international fuel pumps systems
Prepaid energy
  • Higher profitability by eliminating late payments and dues
  • Reduction of operational and customer service costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Integration with international smart energy meters
  • Centralized repository for patients’ medical information and history
  • Better service in case of emergencies
  • Compliance with HIPAA security standards
  • Integration with medical systems in hospitals, pharmacies, and insurance companies
  • Integration with governmental systems for centralized records
Closed community
  • Enhanced user experience with a one token for multiple purposes
  • Flexible back office to cater for structured business rules
  • Integration with physical access control solution to control the flow in and out of secure zones
  • Integration with time and attendance and canteen management solutions

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