Secure and Convenient Revenue Collection

The e-Payment solution securely connects billers to payers. It provides billers with a fast and cost-effective revenue collection platform, and payers with a wide range of convenient channels and payment methods.

The system consists of multiple integrated modules: account management, biller management, channel management, fee management, and payment gateway interface.

End-to-End Scalable Platform

Account Management

  • Enables payers to inquire, view and pay for different bills through multiple channels
  • Flexible alerting and notification capabilities
  • Manage auto and recurring payments

Biller Management

  • Facilitates payments monitoring and control
  • Manages the delivery of bills to customers through different channels
  • Advanced bill payment rules

Fee Management

  • Accommodation for different fees based on multiple criteria such as payment dates, bill value, and payment amounts
  • Billers create different fees plans and select to apply one or more fee on their bills

Channel Management

  • A unified management system manages and monitors all system channels
  • Capability to activate channels within certain geographical locations only
  • Immediate accessibility of services

Payment Gateway Interface

  • Seamless integration with different payment gateways including Visa and MasterCard
  • Instant activation of all payment gateways directly on different channels
A Single Solution. Multiple Implementation Models

GET EBPP is a secured and scalable solution that can be implemented on different scales starting from a single biller application, to a government project, up to a nationwide scale.

It fits different applications models such as government fees collection, or service providers’ invoices collection.

Scalability and modularity
Seamless Integration
Mobility and Cross-Platform
Information Security
Monitoring and Reporting
Cross-Channel Advertising

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