A Full-Fledged Clearance Operations System

Automated Documentation and Valuation of Customs Entries (ADVANCE®) is an integrated modular solution designed to streamline and facilitate the customs processes through a unified platform compliant with international standards and conventions.

ADVANCE ensures compliance of customs processes with international standards of the World Customs Organization (WCO), the World Trade Organization (WTO) and UN/CEFACT.

Integrated Modular Solution
Single Window
  • A unified collaborative workspace that allows the lodging of documents with a single body and through a single entry point
  • An automated workflow engine that complies with the pre-shipment declaration approach
  • Accurate definition of customs fees
  • Harmonized System Code that assists in the classification of imported goods
  • Fully-compliant with the standards of the World Customs Organization
Risk Management
  • Helps in identifying, analyzing, evaluating, treating and monitoring the risks pertaining to certain shipments
  • Configuration of the module’s parameters to deal with different scenarios
  • A unified management system manages and monitors all system channels
  • Various valuation methods
  • Compliant with the valuation and pricing standards of WCO and WTO
Electronic Revenue Collection
  • Provides banks with the facility to issue the transaction’s receipt, including the shipment data, and flag it as paid
  • Readily-integrable with electronic payment gateways
Post Clearance Audit
  • Random selection of audited shipments and inspection of cleared goods
  • The ability to rectify any previous discrepancies as an additional security measure
Warehouse Management
  • Authorizing new warehouse definitions, including warehouse capacity, reservation fees and merchandise type
  • Checking and reporting merchandise transactions and movement upon receiving or release, and managing special permissions
Dynamic Tariff Database

To eliminate any possibility of under-valuation, ADVANCE®, fully integrates with international price providers, who provide an accurate value of an imported good as per the market price.

The tariff database captures all the imported commodities’ prices into a centralized backbone, providing customs officers with the ability to track all specifications, parameters and attributes that influence a commodity’s price.

The tariff database’s scalability allow it to accommodate large volumes of frequently-updated data.

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